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Special Features:

  • Effective high intensity photo therapy device based on advance LED technology to treat the critical condition.
  • The unique design of device and distribution of light intensity ensures to cover the entire treatment area.
  • LED based display supply and control unit with treatment time and integrated cumulative hour meter.
  • Having a height adjustable mechanism.
  • Mediray-06 Performs fast results in conditions.
  • Baby bed is transparent with tiltable facility and collapsible side panels.
  • Epoxy powder coated frame, control box and IV rod. Heavy duty base with anti static castors.

Technical Specification

Input Supply160-240V Ac, 50Hz.
Wave Length420-480nm.
Radiance>126w/cm2/ nm at 45cm
Intensity Variation in 6 hrs<10%.
Audible alarms<45 DB.
Patient Leakage Current<70 uA.
Earth Leakage Current<50 uA.
Number Of blue TimeMinimum 25,000 Hrs.
Adjustable Height60″-44″.
Mobility (No. Of Wheels)3+4.
LCD for Time & useDisplay for total use of device and time based treatment
DomeSize 19″x11″
BasinetSize 30″x28″x20″
Temperature Rise in 24 HoursNil.