DLCPM-03 pioneering fully automatic & programmable device. This unit is specially for upper extremities elbow, shoulder and hand to stimulate the healing of cartilage in addition to the reduction of post operative swelling & pain. The solid state circuitry control panel with LCD display for operative time of treatment, the angle degree which is fixed in separate programs. For the flexion and extension of an elbow treatment. Wrist rotation/roll, forearm exercise, abduction/adduction, shoulder movement can also b achieved. Unit is fitted in mobile electric jack to adjust height according to patient requirement. comes with necessary accessories for supination/ pronation, wrist roll and shoulder passive motion.


Therapy Mode:-



Rom Setting :-

Treatment Time :-

L/R elbow passive motion
L/R wrist rotation motion
L/R fore arm exercise
L/R abduction/adduction.
L/R shoulder exerciseProgrammable degree from 0 to 130.
Each program set different degree.
0 to 60 min.