A diagnostic electrical stimulator multi frequency and pulse width of current forms with output meter and digital treatment timer, very suitable for therapeutic and diagnostic use of muscle contraction (stimulation).

Salient Features

Four different current wave forms i.e. faradic, surge faradic, galvanic and interrupted galvanic. Very simple design with analogue control of power intensity and contraction time and relaxation time for surge faradic.

The interrupted galvanic current has four different frequency modes which are identified by different LED indicator during selection.

Current delivery of each mode is indicated by a LED.

An analogue intensity control for all four mode of current

Technical Specifications

ModelMST -07
Input Voltage220V AC / 50Hz
Current Modes
GalvanicHigh density current
Interrupted Galvanic10 Freq. 10 Pulse duration
FaradicFreq. – 100 PPS
Surge FaradicContr. time – Step less control (0-9 sec), Relax. time- step less control (0-9 sec)
Intensity120 mA
Dimension(W x L x H) (10″ x 11.6″ x 3.5″)
Weight3.240 kg. Approx