MEDILAP DEEPSTIM is a unique and compact design of interferential therapy with digital power display and analogue controls makes the unit friendly operating and this is suitable for deep tissue stimulation of low frequency and low intensity.
Two different frequency modes 4 KHz and 2 kHz for pain relief and muscle exercising and same time by selecting the third option of 2.5 KHz of frequency Russian stimulator used for treatment of sports injuries. The facility for output balance in either the channels, if the area where the pads are applied for treatment is felt less or more, while the intensity control increases the power in a similar ratio in both the channels

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage220V/50Hz
Output Current100mA, max
Carrier Frequency4 KHz, 2.5 KHz and 2 KHz
Sweep Programs1sec/1sec 2sec/2sec, and 6sec/6sec
Program/Operating DisplayDigitally and LED Indicators
Mode application4 Pole Interferential Therapy
4 Pole vector Mode of Frequency Applications
2 Pole Modulated Interferential Therapy
Low Freq1Basic 0-150Hz
Spectrum 0-100Hz
Weight3.960 Kg. Approx
Dimension(H x W x L) (4.1” x 11.5” x 14.2”)