MEDILAP MSD 500 is an advance device, unique design, high power shortwave frequency generator with easy control panel, Heavy duty trolley housed in rushed proof metal body duly mounted in non slippery rubber casters.
The high frequency generating circuitry produces radio frequency waves of 27.12 MHz that penetrates deep into muscle tissue, with negligible heating in fatty and hard tissues i.e. bone layer through a capacitive and inductive electrodes due to non contact application, the capacitive electrode have a larger surface area to effect and with contact application the inductive electrode produces deeper effect in body. The unit have facility to produce the controlled energy into the area to be treated with marginal effect on adjacent tissues. The solid and effective generator ensures the efficient power with uniform heating frequency, which is safer for the patient and user as well as the longer life of device.


Operating Frequency27.12 MHz
Wave Length11.02 meter
RF Power SourceVacuum Generating Valve
Output power500 watts
Mode of operationContinuous and pulse
Pulse Frequency2-200 Hz Variable
Power Fuse10 Amps
Power DisplayAnalogue display
Treatment timer0-99 minutes
Weight38 Kg


  • Heavy duty trolley model and fitted with a large cooling fan for durability of machine and better performance.
  • control for filament voltage with analogue meters control for power intensity with analogue meter auto tissue tuning power emission facility
  • Continuous and pulse mode of operation with variable pulse frequency with LED display.
  • Easy mobility due to mounted on heavy duty casters and lower gravity and movement less stability during use.
  • Efficient power capacity and better performance during use of continuously and pulse for long
  • time with condenser and disc electrodes and canulated arms and silicon cable Digital timer switch for setting of desired treatment time for different patient.


Standard Rubber Size PadsOne Pair
Pad CoversOne Pair
Cable & Jack PinOne Pair
Rexene CoverOne No
Main Line CordOne No.
Disc electrodeOne Pair