ACUTENS-06 is a portable TENS device suitable for clinical and visiting professionals. The unit produces electrical impulses, send to the pain part of the body to block the pain signal.
The mild electrical impulses are produced, which can prevent the pain massages being transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphin (pain killers produced by brain) to kill the feeling of pain. The unit have digital display of treatment time and different treatment programs, which are selected for specific requirements and identified with LED indicators and up to 150 Hz freq. and Sep. intensity control.

Input220v/Ac 50hz
Output100Ma max.
Mode8 Programs
Freq.1 to 150Hz variable freq.
Controls4 different controls and outputs
Timer0-99min treatment time
Weight2.220kg. Approx.


Set of Cable04 sets
Pair of Silicone pads04 sets
Sets of Velcro strap04 sets
Jelly01 bottle
Main Line Cord01 No.
Operating Manual01 No.


  • Chronic and acute pain conditions.
  • Joint and muscular pain.
  • Fibromyalgia