MEDISONO-05 is a portable ultrasonic therapy device, which is unique by its performance and quality. MEDISONO-05 is used in wide range of therapeutic applications including reduction of acute and chronic pain as well as anti inflammatory effect. Unique light weight MEDISONO-05 have digitial power display and treatment timer, with heavy duty sound head and side hanger.


Continuous transmission of sound waves causes microscopic vibrations in the deep tissue molecules, increasing heat & frictions, the warming effect enhance the healing process of soft tissue by increasing the metabolism at tissue cells.

The ultrasonic therapy is effective in following manners:

  • Metabolism of soft tissue repair.
  • Decrease the inflammatory response.
  • Reduction of tissue swelling and pain reduction.
  • Healing of muscle strain & sprain
  • Control the chronic pain

The ultrasonic therapy should be avoided:

  • Over the abdomen, pelvic regions or lower back women who are menstruating or pregnant.
  • Over Lesions broken shin or heating fractions.
  • Around the eyes, breast or sexual organs.
  • Over the areas of plastic implants.
  • Over or near the aliquant tumors.
  • Areas with impaired sensations or blood flow
  • Should also not used in cardia pacemaker.